PCB Prototype Assembly Company was founded in 1999 from group of professionals in the R&D and PCB design, development, production and SMT assembly. Based in Bulgaria the company has the chance to work with team of leading European professionals in PCB assembling in order to provide extensive, flexible and reliable PCBA manufacturing process.

In order to satisfy our client’s needs and quality expectations we specialised our production capacity in low-volume, customised and tailor-made solutions from quick turn to standard lead time, assuring the whole process and cost reduction.

Our extremely competitive prices and high quality technical competence combined with production precision and excellent performance set us to one of the leading positions among PCBA solutions providers.

During the years we have been serving and established long-term relationships with customers from various industries and points of interest globally. Our PCBA products and prototypes are spread among Europe, Africa and America as well as the local market whether customers are relying on our PCBA competence and expertise.

We sincerely believe that you are our next devoted to PCBA customer and we are eager to hear from you and share your PCBA visions and demands.


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